The critical elements to take care of when developing for mobile web are:

  • Responsive design, given the wide array of mobile handsets displays in terms of screen sizes, dimensions & pixels.
  • Ensuring delivery of responsive images
  • Optimizing user input and leveraging the touch interface
  • Leveraging the various sensors on mobile
  • Building for offline scenarios and taking care of data storage related issues
  • Optimizing performance on mobile

As you can see, I did not cover the last point in the list above. That is only because it is a vital area & is one of the key challenges any CTO deals with. It is a large complex subject and I think that instead of covering it as part of this write up, I will take it separately once I have had a chance to read and understand much more about it – there are some courses that I already have in my mind that I intend to take up.

You got to remember however the penalties of not being on top of site performance – a 500 ms delay in loading the page leads to a drop off about 1% in user engagement. If the delay is 1 sec, the revenue / engagement drops by more than double – it is NOT linear!

Speed is not a feature – it is a requirement.

Hope you find the summary to this course useful. Your comments are welcome!

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